Pump Stations/Pump Sumps

BMS manufacture and fit complete Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) packaged pump sumps and holding tanks ranging from 500 litres up to 60,000 litres for both surface and wastewater.  BMS can also fit out new sumps or retro-fit existing tanks.

BMS Package Pump Sumps

BMS manufacture pump sumps to customer specifications from sumps to suit single houses/premises right up to large local authority/commercial pump sumps.  BMS specialise in manufacturing full pre-assembled pump sumps, which are delivered to site 'ready to go'.  Package sumps come pre-fitted with guide rails, pedestals, internal pipe work, stop valves, non-return valves and chains.  Both the inlet and outlet pipework can be fitted to suit the size and height of our customers pipe work.  The Civil works associated with BMS Package Pump Sumps are quick and easy, saving both time and money; The sump is lowered onto a suitable 20N concrete base, the area around the sump is then back filled with leanmix, while filling the tank with water.  Pipe connections are made at this time.  The pumps are then 'dropped' down into the sump and the electricity connected to the control panel and the sump is ready to go.

GRP Pump Sumps

BMS Pumping stations are manufactured in corrosion and rot proof GRP under an NSAI validated ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management system.  Only Lloyds’ rated resins are used in their manufacture and therefore, they have a design life in excess of up to 50 years.  The sumps are fully water tight as they are full bonded (sealed) and tested in BMS before departure.

Valve Chambers & Fittings

BMS can also provide valve chambers pre-fitted with non-return valves, gate valves and bauer couplings as per clients requirements.  (We recommend that they are pre-installed in the sump) Through our partnership with Jung Pumpen of Germany, BMS produce package pump sumps of the highest quality, which are built to last.  Pipework options include galvinised mild steel (most popular), welded Edgeplast pressure pipe fittings and ductile iron.  BMS pump sumps are designed to offer easy installation, quick & easy maintenance and great long term value.  BMS recommend ball float switches, rather than ultrasonic and air switches as they are in our experience the most reliable and easy to maintain.

Control Panels

BMS use Control Panels supplied by Jung Pumpen of Germany.  The panels are German built, are very reliable and offer a straightforward operator interface.  The panels come in basic and more advanced versions, where run time, ammeter readings etc. can be recorded.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Custom Control Panels are also possible.  Jung Pumpen Control units guarantee a high level of operational safety with independently active level contact switches.

Other items such as GSM Dial outs, flowmeters and ultrasonic level control can all be sourced and fitted by BMS.

Fitting of Concrete Sumps

BMS can fit out concrete pumps by others as per client specifications, with Jung Pumpen Pumps and Controls.

Existing Sumps/Tanks

BMS can adapt most existing guiderail systems to accept Jung Pumpen pumps.  If your existing pumps are not performing or if you are replacing existing pumps, please contact us.  Pumping systems can also be fitted in other pre-existing tanks such as manholes, septic tanks etc.