Surface Water, Interceptors, Silt Traps & Wash Water Recycling

Petrol/Oil Bypass, Full Retention & Forecourt Interceptors

BMS manufacture a full range of Petrol & Oil Interceptors (Separators) from 1,000 - 100,000 L including Full Retention, By-Pass & Forecourt Interceptors for all requirements.  All BMS Interceptors are manufactured under an NSAI verified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System & to the new European Standard; PR EN 858 1&2.

Silt Traps - Forecourt & Carwash Silt Collection

Silt Traps are normally installed in areas where high silt run off can occur such as at car & truck washes.  The BMS range of GRP Silt Traps provides a simple and effective solution that prevents the grit/silt from blocking gullies and pipes in areas in which vehicles are being washed.  BMS Silt Traps are available in variety of sizes to suit your requirements.

The Floodbox - Flood Emergency Kit

Ireland has experienced regular flooding over the last 10 years due to changing weather patterns. The BMS Floodbox is your 'all in one', simple to operate, emergency defence kit against flooding in your home or business.

Recyclone 'all in one' Car/Truck/Bus Wash Water Recycling

The Butler Manufacturing Services Recyclone is a unique "all in one" pre-fabricated package vehicle wash water recycling system designed to treat 100% of recovered car/truck/bus/train wash water for continuous re-use. The Recyclone will provide immediate substantial savings on water charges with same day commissioning.

Holding/Storage Tanks incl. Chemical Resistant Tanks

BMS can design and supply holding or storage tanks of any size from 500 – 100,000 litres.  Higher storage capacities are provided by siting the tanks in parallel. The tanks are suitable for many different applications and can be treated internally to endow chemical resistance to practically any substance e.g. acids, alkalis (bases), oxidising agents and salts if required. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.